A Chronology Of Islamic History (570-1000 CE)

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Title: A Chronology Of Islamic History (570-1000 CE)
Author: Dr. H.U. RAHMAN
Publishing House: Ta-Ha Publishing Ltd. UK

This book list and describes the principle events from the birth of the prophet Muhammad (SAW) in 570 CE to the year 1000 CE (Common or Christian Era) Contemporary events from the history of the Byzantine and Persia empires are also included. Descriptions are purely factual and presented without interpretation or historical analysis, although background information explaining the significance of events is provided where necessary. Precise locations are given for places that may no longer exist or are known by a different name.

This revised edition of the chronology is a unique reference source for schools and university teachers and students. And for the general reader interested in Islamic history and culture.
The book also contains maps showing the extent of the Byzantine and Persian empires in 600 CE, the spread of Islam from 622 to 750 CE, the extent of the Muslim world in 1000 CE, and genealogical tables of the Umayyads (661 - 750 CE) and the Abassids (750 - 1258 CE).

The author also provides an explanation of both the Christian and the Islamic dating systems. A unique and concise reference source for both university teachers and students of Islamic studies and history.
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