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Dr.Lings answers various questions posed to him relating to his life, Islam, Sufism, Religion and Spirituality.

This final work of the greatly revered Martin Lings opens with an insightful autobiographical account of his own interior journey, the finding of a spiritual master, and the conclusions he ultimately reached regarding the inner life and Islam. The 96-year-old author, a respected British scholar, recounts the lessons learned from his life as a practicing Sufi, including the answers to profound questions such as: How did I come to put First things First?, What is the Spiritual Significance of Tears and Laughter?, What is the Spiritual Significance of Civilization?, What is the Qur'anic Doctrine of the Afterlife and How is it related to Sufism?, and Why "With All Thy Mind"?

Prior to publication of this volume, its distinguished author, Martin Lings, did in fact "return to the Spirit" on May 12th 2005. This has occasioned the addition to this work of an "In Memoriam" appendix. Readers will be treated to tributes that have arrived from the world over written by those who simply read and loved his work to those who knew him personally, some of whom were under his spiritual direction. These diverse accounts of this extraordinary man round out a profound image of his person. The book also includes a selection of previously unpublished photographs taken throughout his life.
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