A Sense of Gratitude: Exploring the Five Senses

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Title: A Sense of Gratitude: Exploring the Five Senses
Author: Halimah Bashir / Illustrated by Laila Ramadhani
ISBN: 978-1737155805
Publisher: Prolance

Explore the blessings of our five senses with hints of Islamic cultural practices, vibrant colors and entertaining rhyme. In a world riddled with so many distractions, it is crucial that we teach children to be grateful and appreciative for all they have. Let us do our part and teach our children how to exercise and value another sense...A Sense of Gratitude.

About the Author:
Halimah Bashir is a mother and passionate storyteller. She enjoys teaching children about Islam through play, activities, stories, and crafts. She busies herself with volunteering, hiking, reading, and staying actively involved with her community. Her aim is to teach the younger generations about Islam through colorful, engaging, and intriguing books. She created a platform to share and engage with her audience.Instagram: Bashir_Creative

About the Illustrator:

Laila Ramadhani Ritonga is from Medan, Indonesia. She studied Visual Communication Design in Bandung. She has been an enthusiast of children's book as long as she can remember. She is a freelance illustrator of children's books. Instagram: lailarahmadara

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