Adam's World: Let's Pray (DVD)

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Adam's World: Let's Pray (DVD)

Are you finding it difficult to teach your son or daughter how to pray? Or are you a new or a "born again" Muslim who wants to learn this necessary pillar of Islam at your own pace? Then this video is for you!
In Let's Pray, a group of young Muslim friends gather together to play video games. When it's time to pray, though, one of them confesses: he doesn't know how to perform this second pillar of Islam.
With wisdom, kindness and concern, they show their friend the essentials of Islamic prayer. Salat, Wudu, Adhan, Iqama, the direction of prayer, the number of Rakats in each prayer, how to shorten your prayer when traveling and much more are all discussed in this hit video.

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Tens of thousands of children and adults have learned about Salat by watching this program! In fact, people who have accepted Islam in the US Armed Forces and prisons have learned how to pray from this fantastic video! This is truly an excellent tool for children and adults.
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