An Introduction to Understanding the Roots,Who am I? Why?& Where

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This book is the French translation of the Arabic book ?Introduction to understand the Roots, who am I? Why? and where to?? Which is one of a series titled: ?This is Islam? Whose subjects appeal to the man?s conscience, regardless of his /her tenet, race or nationality. The book asks ?Who created man? How and where man departs in the end after a short or long life in the Express Life - Train?? Then, it analyses the answers of philosophers: French, Germans, English and Danish to its questions which could not relieve man sufferings and restlessness; and could not meet man?s need to an answer that keeps off being vulnerable to various chronic psychological diseases and neuropathy resistant of therapy. It refers to the need of the West to listen so as to get rid of psycholgical disappointments and go to the hidden scientific treasures which the East owns from the days of prophets and messengers. It, also, explains the futility of life when one avoids to know the essence of life, and to do one?s duty and seeks breathlessly life?s gains which effort is denied by the universal system which, in its turn, supposes that man should be responsible in life so as to achieve real happiness for himself and for the others. At last it is inevitable that man should stand in front of the Creator?s Wisdom and perceive it; that man should be inspired by the predetermined job of man in the life - journey, depending on sound scientific methodology and inspiration, on what God says so that man finds out the key of human happiness and bets the possibility of reaching to the solution and to the Islamic answers which comforts him.
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