Bilal ibn Rabah: The First Muezzin of Islam - Hardcover

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Title: Bilal ibn Rabah: The First Muezzin of Islam - Hardcover
Author: Shahada Abdul Haqq
ISBN: 9781597849418
Publisher: Tughra Books

Marked by torture, isolation, and persecution under Meccan pagans, the early days of Islam in seventh century CE were very difficult for the small number of believers who gathered around Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. Yet, for slaves who embraced Islam were the ones who suffered most, because they had no rights, freedoms, and protection. This book presents to Muslim kids one spectacular hero from among these Muslim slaves: Bilal ibn Rabah. Born into slavery to a family of African descent, Bilal found the liberation he was looking for all his life with Islam. He was liberated in spirit, but this was not tolerated by his master, who tortured him to renounce his new faith. Bilal endured and rose to become one of the most entrusted friends of the Prophet who became the first muezzin to call Muslims to prayer.

Ages: 8-12

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