Bowing of the Stars: The Story of Suratul Yusuf

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Artist: Mehded Maryam Sinclair
Quranic narrative mention the main details, and the rest are left out; left for the readers to imagine the event that might have transpired in-between the lines, an imagining that is aided by the context, common sense and many subtle hints in the Quran. For one to fill in these gaps and contemplate on them is part of interacting with the Quranic stories and at times is essential to full understanding of the lessons that are to be learnt.
I have checked this telling relying on five great works of Quranic interpretation. The details filled in from the very able imagination of the author completely accord with the spirit and soul of the story to help the listener, especially the child, appreciate the wonder and miracle of the surah. None of the details contradicts any Islamic value and many can be found in the copious literature of Quranic exegesis.
I believe it is an excellent contribution to much needed literature that invites the reader to truly absorb and enter the world of the Quran. The beautiful writing style of the author corresponds nicely to the mysterious and compelling style of the Quranic original. And Allah alone gives success. Sheikh Ali Hani, Leading Expert in Quranic Sciences & Interpretation, AMMAN, JORDAN 'My children and I were enthralled by this mezmerising re-telling of the story of the extraordinary life of our prophet Yusuf (Allah grant him peace). This account of that fast-moving chain of events will stir the soul and stimulate the mind of the listener. Umm Ibrahim (Mehded) really does bring the story to life, mashaAllah. I recommend it most sincerely to anyone, young or old, who loves to hear of the lives of our prophets and draw lessons from them. My children have heard this rich story many times, but never seem to tire of it.' Fowzia Bora, UK
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