Coming of Age - A Muslim Girl's Guide

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Title: Coming of Age - A Muslim Girl's Guide
Author: Ustadha Hedaya Hartford
Publisher: Dar al-Fath

In this all-encompassing book on menstruation and puberty for young girls and teenagers, the author gifts her readers with the much-needed counsel, priceless guidance, detailed explanations of the Sacred Law rulings, and simplified medical details that every child and parent must know. Coming of Age: A Muslim Girl's Guide is every girl's secret diary to the ins and outs of what really happens to her physically, emotionally, and socially as she nears and experiences menstruation and puberty. Adorned with funny stories and real-life experiences that any woman could relate to, this book is a treasure for young girls and a lifesaver for Muslim parents who are looking for advice on this valuable, yet taboo, topic.
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