CONCISE NARRATIONS: to Raise the Next Generation

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TItle: CONCISE NARRATIONS: to Raise the Next Generation
Author: Shaykh Muhyi Al-Din Awwama / Translated by Rashad Jameer
ISBN: 9781999188207
Publisher: Wasila Press

Knowledge of the Sunna is the greatest knowledge in rank and honour for a Muslim, after the Quran, because it derives its honour from the honour of the prophet SAW. And since the youth of today will carry the banner of Islam for the generation to come, they must be trained in the sunna from a young age.

The prophet SAW said: " Every child is born in a natural state (fitra), and it is their parents that train them to be Jewish, or Christian, or Magian." Abdullah Ibn Umar (RA) said: " Train your children properly because you will be asked: ' what did you teach him?', whereas they will be asked about doing good to you (birrik) and obeying you." And what better education can one provide to the next generation other than what came from the teacher of humanity, our Prophet Muhammad SAW, the one who taught noble character (Makarim al Akhlaq).

Thus, this book comprises a fine collection of 300 hadiths covering a multitude of topic, which are entirely sahih (authentic), focus the youth on their behaviour, and are easy to memorize, lofty in rank, and voluminous in meaning. May Allah SWT use these hadiths to grow the iman of the next generation. Amin! 


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