Hadith infographics Book - Hardcover

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Title: Hadith infographics Book - Hardcover (A Collection of Illustrations inspired by the Hadith of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ )
Author: Mahdi Tabatabaie Yazdi
Language ‏: ‎Arabic (the hadith original texts), English (Main language)
ISBN13: 9789936606531
Publisher: Salam Comics


Hadith infographics contains thought provoking illustrations with authentic narrations of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ , readers will be engrossed by every page. Consistent with our previous book (Quranic infographics), Hadith infographics contains illustrations in different art styles from around the world - Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Persian and from various historic eras-prehistoric and medieval, to name a few. 
The Topics covered in the Hadith infographics book:

1. Intentions
2. Sadaqah
3. Sadaqah Jariah
4. Family ties
5. Rights of neighbors 
6. The community of the believers
7. Animal rights
8. Seeking knowledge
9. Cleanliness
10. Trust in Allah but tie your camel
11. Look at those who have less
12. Who is strong?
13. Pay when it's done
14. Who is a muslim? 
15. Respect your guest
16. Calamities for the believer
17. Take benefit of 5 before 5
18. Allah's Mercy 
19. How to visit Allah ...

video of inside pages:

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