Longing for the Divine: Islamic Wall Calendar 2012

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Title: Longing for the Divine: Islamic Wall Calendar 2012
Publisher: Andalusian Arts

Following the runaway success of its award-winning "Longing for the Divine" previous years' calendars, Andalusian Arts presents the 2012 edition: Twelve stunning images captured by world-class photographers of the spiritual tapestry of the Muslim world, coupled with the wisdom-words of the Prophetic sayings and the aphorisms of pious people. A colorful glimpse into the living universe of the world's most misunderstood religion, a religion whose principle aim is to kindle a fire of longing, love, and obedience to the Divine in the hearts of its adherents.
2 Calendars in One -- Has Both Gregorian and Hijri dating!
Breathtaking Photographs - We select only the most inspiring photos froms some of the the world's greatest photographers that capture moments of sublime beauty found throughout the world that represent the principal of Islamic excellence.
Inspiring Quotes - We sift through dozens of classical Islamic texts and use a rigourous process to select the best quotes to use. Each quote is translated by an expert in the field and reviewed by other experts to ensure it captures the meaning of the author.
Award-Winning - Our "Longing for the Divine" calendars have won numerous awards from the world's largest body dedicated to excellence in calendar design and production.
Great for Gifts - Buying gifts for others can be hard. That is until you learn the ultimate gift secret … Everyone loves these calendars! We guarantee you that everyone you give this gift to will adore you for it and will have something to remember you by … all-year-long. Try it and see.
Perfect for Da'wah - As the saying goes, "a picture is worth a thousand words." These pictures speak directly to the hearts of everyone, Muslim or not, by showing, in ways that words many times can't, of the fruits that come of hearts connected to the Divine.
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