Meetings with Mountains - Hardcover

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Title: Meetings with Mountains – Encounters with Saints and Sages of the Islamic World - Hardcover
Author: Peter Sanders
ISBN: 978-0955710612
Publisher: Peter Sanders (UK)

For nearly one half a century acclaimed British photographer Peter Sanders has traveled the earth to capture images of the saints of Islam. In the traditional world, these people of purity, knowledge and illumination have been the role models, benchmarks and exemplars of what it is to be human. The goal of this spiritual tradition is nothing less than direct experience or ma’arifa (gnosis) of God’s presence. The fulfillment and embodiment of this tradition is the Friend or Intimate of God. This lengthy search has finally culminated in the publication entitled Meetings with Mountains, Encounters with the Saints and Sages of the Islamic World.

About the Author
Peter Sanders is a British photographer. His works focus on the Muslim community around the world, especially on their traditional and spiritual aspects. Having more than four decades of experience in photography, Sanders is one of the most renowned and respected Muslim photographers in the world
Born in London, Sanders began his career in photography in the mid-1960s, where he often recorded the faces of well-known musicians including Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison and The Rolling Stones. In the 1970s, his attention shifted, which led him to the traditional and spiritual universe of Islam. He converted to Islam in 1971. The same year, Sanders was given a unique opportunity to record the warmth of the world's largest worship gathering in Mecca during the Hajj season. These pictures have appeared in major UK and European magazines such as The Sunday Times, The Observer and Paris Match. Sanders travelled around the world to meet and capture the images of saints and sages of Islam which he has later published in a book titled 'Meetings with Mountains'
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