Musa: Prophet of Allah – Fall of the Tyrant CD SET

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Title: Musa: Prophet of Allah – Fall of the Tyrant CD SET
Publisher: Nur Al Qasas

Fourteen hundred years ago the Qur’an told us, in a single stroke across twenty-three years, in a language that still exists in the marketplace today, dazzling details of the world we live in and how it got here, and how we got here, details which have been and continue to be verified by modern science as the years roll on. Woven within its remarkable text is the story of Prophet Musa, peace upon him, tied through in some one hundred thirty-six places in thirty-four surahs. Consulting the science of Qur’anic interpretation and the history and archeology of ancient Egypt under the guidance of scholars, and adhering strictly to the Qur’anic account, Mehded Maryam Sinclair has crafted a work that has the potential to inspire love and the desire for higher knowledge in all who hear it. Osama Alshurafa’s recitations invite one into the vibrancy of the living, ever resplendent Quranic language. When you hear, you’ll see.

Researched and retold by: Mehded Maryam Sinclair
Qur’anic Recitation: Osama Alshurafa

CD 1

TRACK ONE: Prelude
TRACK TWO: Firaun in His Glorious City
TRACK THREE: A Promise Fulfilled
TRACK FOUR: Escape to Madyan
TRACK FIVE: A Destined Encounter
TRACK SIX: “Speak to Him Gently”
TRACK SEVEN: The Competition

CD 2

TRACK EIGHT: The Believer in the Assembly
TRACK NINE: The Plight of Qarun
TRACK TEN: Opportunities
TRACK ELEVEN: “March Forth With My Servants”
TRACK TWELVE: A Magnificent Clarity
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