My First Muslim Potty Book - Hardcover

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Title: My First Muslim Potty Book - Hardcover
Author: Yousfa Janjua / Illustrated by Golnar Servatian
ISBN: 978-1734576009
Publisher: Prolance

You're a big kid now so you should know,

Big kids use the potty when they need to go.

Muslims, big or small, must wash properly after they poo or pee.

Rhyme along and you'll learn and see!


This book, written in rhyme, serves as a gentle and fun introduction to potty training and Islamic toilet etiquette for little Muslims and Muslimahs. It aims to introduce and normalize "Muslim potty training," which includes istinja, to your child. Istinja is the act of cleaning oneself with water and then wiping oneself dry after using the bathroom. Muslims do this to keep themselves physically and spiritually clean and pure or in a state of Tahara.

About the Author:
Yousfa was born in Montreal, Canada but left building snowmen for sandcastles instead in sunny Southern California. When she isn't busy keeping 3 children fed, sheltered and somewhat clean she enjoys being out in nature, traveling, making digital art and writing silly poems and short stories for unsuspecting friends and family. On any random day, you will most likely find her at the park or the library during storytime which she enjoys as much as her children. Her need to make relatable, inclusive and faith-based stories for her own children has led to her first publication. She has a Bachelor's in Chemical Engineering. 

About the Illustrator:

Golnar Servatian is an Iranian children's book and magazine freelance illustrator. She has been illustrating for kids since 2006, publishing about 50 books. She also enjoys painting and writing stories and poems. She has a Bachelors in Graphic Design and a Masters in Fine Arts.

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