Prayers of Occasions: A Handbook of Muslim Salah

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Title: Prayers of Occasions: A Handbook of Muslim Salah
Publisher: The Oxford Traditional Knowledge Foundation (OTKF)
Author: Talal Al-Azem.
Prayers of Occasions covers all the sunnah ritual prayers (salats) recommended for various circumstances we face in life. In a convenient and quickly accessible handbook format, the way of performing each prayer is described clearly, complete with Arabic texts and transliteration.
The book also contains a valuable lesson on the role of the ritual prayer, in the foreword by Sheikh Nuh Keller.


Prayers proper to the time of day The midmorning prayer * The prayer of the oft-repenting * The night prayer
Prayers of the sacred calendar Night vigil on the eve of mid-Sha‘ban * Ramadan night prayers (tarawih) * Night vigil in the last ten nights of Ramadan * Night vigil on the eves of the two Eids * The Eid al-Fitr prayer * Night vigil in the ten days of Dhu al-Hijjah * The Eid al-Adha prayer
Prayers regarding the natural world The solar eclipse prayer * The prayer for rain * The prayer of fear from nature
Prayers of Divine aid The prayer of guidance * The prayer of need * The prayer for strengthening the memory
Prayers proper to certain actions The prayer after ablutions * The prayer of greeting the mosque * The prayer before travelling * The prayer upon returning from travel * The prayer of entering or exiting one's home
Prayers of momentous occasions The wedding night prayer * The funeral prayer * The prayer of the condemned
Prayers of spiritual ascent The prostration of gratitude * The prayer of repentance * The prayer of glorification * The prayer of filial piety * A prayer to stave off hypocrisy
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