Qur'an for Little Muslims 2 (CD)

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Discover the Treasures of the Qur'an! More great stories adapted from nine short suras. Qur'an for Little Muslims has become our hottest selling audio series. Through captivating stories The Qur'an for Little Muslims Series seeks to impart the spirit and themes of the short Suras and other verses of the Holy Qur'an. These imaginative stories provide tangible illustrations of how any child can apply the wisdom of the Qur'an throughout his day. Rather than by attempting to translate or explain the meaning of Allah's words, themes and morals of the suras are presented in story form, interwoven with drama, dialogue and sound effects. All suras are recited as part of the story and then repeated at the end of the tape for help in memorization. Your kids will want to "dig in"and discover what treasures are awaiting them!

Includes the Suras:
1. Al Ikhlas
2. Al Kafirun
3. Al 'Adiyaat
4. Al Humazah
5. Al Quraish
6. Al Qari'ah
7. Qur'an recitation
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