Read: Quran reading built on strong foundations

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Title: Read: Quran reading built on strong foundations
Publisher: Learning Roots (UK)

Read makes learning to recite the Quran exactly what it should be; an easy and pleasant experience rooted in strong foundations. This feature-rich graded Quran reading resource is rendered in a delightful layout and is the first of its kind to include a motivational sticker reward system. Read is the perfect start to a lifetime of Quran recitation and the immense benefits this noble deed brings.

Some of the prominent features of this resource include:
•‘Uthmani script of the Madani Mushaf
•Clear, concise and coloured layout
•Durable laminated pages
•Motivational sticker reward system
•Hadeeth quotes related to the virtues of Quran recitation
•Graded progression adapted from the well renowned Ahsanul Qawa’id.

Read measures 19cm by 21cm and is spiral bound with a half-canadian paperback cover, making it flexible and durable for everyday madrasah use.
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