Road to Madina (CD) by Dawud Wharnsby Ali

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This recording is Muslim artist Dawud Wharnsby Ali's third CD release since embracing Islam in 1993. A potpourri of songs which illustrate the character of a Mumin (believer), "Road To Madinah" features complex vocal arrangements and strong percussion which underscore songs dealing with humility, patience during hardship and reflection on one's daily actions.
"The Veil", from the Sound Vision.Com documentary "Hijab: an Act of Faith",is a Muslim woman's response to accusations that the Hijab is "oppressive", with lyrics sung by Wharnsby-Ali and co-written by Zahra Duran.
"Muslim Lullaby" is a wonderful way for your little one to learn during bedtime, since it teaches the Du'a (supplication) before going to sleep, tied to a simple and gentle melody. The first official "Muslim Lullaby" is easy enough for all parents to sing! Along with recitation of Holy Qur'an, make it a family practice to end each night with this bedtime song.
These are just some of the great tracks on this wonderful recording. "Road To Madinah" makes a great gift for children and young adults, who learn many of their ideas and values through songs, or anyone looking for a Halal and fun alternative to current mainstream entertainment.
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