Sacred Knowledge: Aims & Objectives

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Title: Sacred Knowledge: Aims & Objectives
Author: Habib Umar bin Hafiz/Translated by Amjad Tarsin
ISBN: 978-0620657150
Publisher: Dar Al-Turath (South Africa)

The bedrock of the Muslim Ummah has always been built upon the firm foundation of sacred knowledge. However, in many Muslim societies today, there exist many shortcomings in learning and teaching properly. By reviving circles of sacred knowledge upon the proper higher objectives they were meant to fulfill, the good within the Muslim community is revived and they are protected from difficulties and tests.
“Sacred Knowledge: Aims and Etiquettes,” by the great scholar and caller to Allah, Habib Umar bin Hafiz, gives a clear description of the higher objectives of circles of sacred learning. Though seemingly simple, this practical booklet is a guide to reviving the blessings of the Ummah and safeguarding the goodness that Allah the Exalted has placed within it. It is an essential resource for students, teachers, and scholars alike, and an excellent elucidation regarding the primary foundations of da`wah.
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