Salat in Secret - Hardcover

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Title: Salat in Secret - Hardcover
Author: Jamilah Thompkins-Bigelow / Illustrated by Hatem Aly
ISBN13: 9781984848093
Publisher: Penguin Random House/Penguin Workshop
Ages: 4-8 Years

Jamilah Thompkins-Bigelow (Your Name is a Song) and Hatem Aly (The Proudest Blue) introduce us to a boy named Muhammad who struggles with pridefully receiving a salat (prayer) rug. While Salat in Secret beautifully depicts daily life in the modern Muslim community, anyone can find inspiration in Muhammad, his father, and his teacher and how celebrating one's culture is anything but shameful.

From the critically acclaimed author of Your Name Is a Song and the bestselling illustrator of The Proudest Blue comes a story about a Muslim boy who receives a salat (prayer) rug on his seventh birthday and becomes empowered about his faith.

In this beautiful story of community, family, and acceptance, a boy named Muhammad receives a special salat rug on his seventh birthday. Seven is the age when Muslim children are encouraged to pray, and Muhammad is determined to do all five daily prayers on time. But one salat occurs during the school day—and he's worried about being seen praying at school. His father parks his truck to worship in public places, and people stare at and mock him. Will the same thing happen to Muhammad?

In the end, with help from his teacher, he finds the perfect place to pray. Salat in Secret, by two highly acclaimed Muslim creators, is a poignant and empowering look at an important facet of Islam that many observant children cherish but might be scared to share.
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