Softening The Heart: Kitāb az-Zuhd wa’r-Raqāʾiq

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Title: Softening The Heart: Kitāb az-Zuhd wa’r-Raqāʾiq
Author: Abdullāh ibn al-Mubārak / Translated by Aisha Bewly
ISBN: 9789069499833
Publisher: Turath Publishing (UK)

ʿAbdullāh ibn al-Mubārak’s Kitāb az-Zuhd wa’r-Raqāʾiq, the earliest extant book on self-discipline in Islam, is a collection of Qur’ānic exegesis, prophetic traditions and anecdotes from the early generations that encourages rejection of this temporal world in favour of the eternal life of the Next World. This edition is prefaced with detailed introductions on the topic of zuhd which expound on the broad application of this term and help readers to appreciate the rich legacy of self-discipline among the early Muslims. It is filled with priceless gems and words of wisdom which are sure to soften hearts and revive in them the fear of Allah  coupled with sincere hope in Him.

About The Author
Abū ʿAbd ar-Raḥmān ʿAbdullāh Ibn al-Mubārak ibn Wāḍiḥ al-Ḥanẓalī at-Tamīmī, the great scholar, ḥadīth master and ascetic, was born in 118AH/736CE in Merv. He was an avid learner who travelled and studied with many prominent tābiʿūn (students of the Companions ) such as Awzāʿī, Yaḥyā ibn Abī Kathīr, Layth ibn Saʿd, Mālik ibn Anas, Sufyān ath-Thawrī, Abū Ḥanīfah and Ḥammād ibn Zayd. He died in Hīt at the age of 63 while returning from battle in 181AH/797CE and became famous for his book, Kitāb az-Zuhd wa’r-Raqāʾiq. Ibn al-Mubārak was unique among his contemporaries in that he acquired and combined all praiseworthy qualities within himself. He was a ḥadīth scholar, a jurist, an ascetic, a worshipper, a pilgrim, a mujāhid, a poet, a linguist and an extremely generous man. Ibn Ḥibbān said, ‘All praiseworthy qualities were found in him. During his time, no scholar in the world possessed such qualities together.’ (Ibn Ḥibbān, Thiqāt, 7:7–8.)

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