Spiritual Significance in Islamic Architecture - Hard Cover

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Title: Spiritual Significance in Islamic Architecture - Hard Cover
Author: Mostafa al-Badawi
ISBN: 9780952085362
Publisher: IV Publishing (UK)

Islamic Architecture is among the most recognisable and most admired in the world. It’s known for its beauty, precision and timelessness, but few understand the meanings and metaphors that underpin it. In this book, Dr Mostafa Badawi takes an unprecedented look at the Spiritual Significance in Islamic Architecture taking the reader on a journey to uncover long forgotten meanings.
It is a cosmic law that the universe that we know is made of complementary and interacting pairs, positive and negative, upper and lower, matter and anti-matter, and so on. That this is the reflection in the created universe of the polarization of the Divine Attributes into Attributes of Majesty and Attributes of Beauty has always been known to Muslim intellectuals.
But that this law is represented pervasively in all Islamic art and especially architecture has been lost sight of by the Muslims of today. In fact, everything in a traditional Muslim environment, not only architecture, but furniture, utensils, clothes, and calligraphy, is a spiritual reminder of God and the laws governing this world and the next. This study explores in unprecedented detail and with authoritative textual references the deeper meanings of many of the elements of Islamic architecture.
This stunning production comprises of 452 full colour pages with premium gold gilted edges, cloth hardback and dust jacket making it a must have for every home and a perfect gift.

Dr Mostafa’s video on the topic:
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