Stories that are Short: A collection of 5-minute short stories to read before turning on the tv - Vol 1

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Title: Stories that are Short: A collection of 5-minute short stories to read before turning on the tv - Vol 1
Author: I. Ashmawey
ISBN: 978-0998752747
Publisher: Prolance

How likely is it that you will unearth a hidden treasure in an Egyptian Pyramid that would change the course of humanity? How about grow up with extraterrestrials on Jupiter? Travel to before the big bang occurred? Invent feminism in medieval times, attend Dracula's secret dinner party, experience Star Trek in real life, have dinner with Marlon Brando, take part in the signing of the Declaration of Independence...each in just five minutes?

These short stories will take you the same time to read as listening to a song. In a world where people only read summaries and headlines and get nothing out of them, here is a collection of forty stories that are short to tickle your intellects and arouse your emotions. From sci-fi to comedy, from romance to drama, from love to exploration to horror, enjoy these stories that promise to take you to different worlds, all in under five minutes.

About the Author:
I. Ashmawey is a passionate Orange County-based Film and Television Writer widely known for his vivid, emotionally-moving writing style. Throughout his creative career, he has written for a multitude of prominent media outlets like Disney Channel and studios. He has also both written and produced numerous independent films. Born in the heart of Washington D.C., the creative spark entered Ashmawey's life early on. By the age of 10, he started crafting short stories, resulting in statewide recognition. During middle school, he was the editor of the school newspaper. From a young age, he would see the extraordinary in what the majority deemed as ordinary. Ultimately, this is what drove him to share the unique things he saw through the art of storytelling. Today, Ashmawey is happy to call his passion a lifelong vocation, and consistently strives to create positive change that will continue to impact people for generations to come. Ashmawey's personal muses are people of both past and present who yearned to make a difference in the world. He is particularly fond of innovative minds like Walt Disney, Ray Bradbury, and Aristotle.

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