The Barzanji Mawlid - Book & 2 CD Set

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Title: The Barzanji Mawlid - Book & 2CD Set
Author: Imam Barzanji
Publishing House: Manaqib Productions (UK)

The Barzanji Mawlid was composed by Imam Barzanji, and celebrates the birth and life of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, in beautiful poetic prose. It is performed throughout the world, in melodious tunes popular amongst the people. There have been many compositions that allow us to rejoice in the bounties and blessings of remembering Allah’s Chosen Beloved. Some are in prose, others in poetry. Some are in Arabic, others in local vernaculars. Among the most important and universally accepted is the one compiled by Ja'far bin Husayn al-Barzanji.

The Barzanji Mawlid comes with:
• Colour hardback book
• The complete Arabic text
• Full, facing English translation
• More than 15 qasidas and their English translation
• 2cd set of the complete recitation and qasidas!
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