The Book of Earning A Livelihood

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Title: The Book of Earning A Livelihood (Kitab al-Kasb)
Author: Al-Imam Muhammad Ibn Al-Hasan Al-Shaybani/Translated with Introduction Notes by Adi Setia
ISBN: 978-967-0149-21-9
Publisher: IBFIM (Malaysia)

This book is the first complete translation into English of Imam Muhammad ibn al-Hasan al-Shaybani’s Kitab al-Kasb (The Book of Earning a Livelihood), an important, authoritative early ethico-juristic treatise in classical Islamic economic thought. The translator has also introduced and lightly annotated the text, and pointed out the deep relevance of this work for our current rethinking and redefining of the science of economics in terms of its ends (viz., provisioning for livelihood = infaq) rather than its means (viz., allocation of resources), and thereby reviving a true economy of sustainable, livelihoods for the common good (al-maslahah al-‘ammah).


1 The Lexical Meaning of Earning
2 The Legal Status and Virtue of Earning a Livelihood
3 Earning a Livelihood is the way of the Messengers
4 Two types of Earning and Their Legal Status
5 The Permissibility of Lawful Earning and the Aberrancy of Some of the Sufis in Forbidding It
6 Mention of the Arguments for the Permissibility and Commendation of Earning
7 Invalidating the Obfuscations of Some of the Sufis in Regard to Their Prohibition of Earning
8 Taking Recourse to Cause Does Not Negate Reliance
9 The Obligatoriness of Earning the Indispensable Amount and the Aberrancy of the Karramites for Denying It
10 Proof for the Obligatoriness of Earning up to the Indispensable Amount and Rebuttal of the Obfuscations of the Karramites in Denying It
11 Is Occupation with Earning Better or Devotion to Worship?
12 Is the State of Indigence Better or the State of Affluence?
13 Is Gratitude for Wealth Superior or Patience in Face of Poverty?
14 The Ranks of Earning and Their Legal Rulings
15 Permissibility of Earning to Ammas Wealth though Safety Lies in Not Doing So
16 In Earning There is the Meaning of Cooperation in Acts of Devotion
17 …
18 ….
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