The Book of Intentions

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Title: The Book of Intentions
Author: Muhammad bin 'Alawi Al Aydarus
Publisher: Guidance media UK
ISBN: 9780955089121

The Book of Intentions by Habib Muhammad bin 'Alawi Al Aydarus presents an array of intentions drawn from the Prophetic Sunnah and the practice of the Salaf (the pious predecessors). It illustrates, in a concise and practical manner, the meaning of the Hadith of his grandfather, "Verily actions are only according to intentions and every man shall have according to what he intended. Whosoever makes hijra (migrates) for Allah and His Envoy, then his hijra is to Allah and His Envoy, and whosoever makes hijra to achieve some wordly benefit or to take a woman in marriage, then his hijra is to that for which he made hijra."
The Salaf used to say, "Whosoever opens the door of a virtuous intention, Allah will open seventy doors of the doors of tawfiq (success) for him." This saying encapsulates the tacit prayer of this book: that one's intention may become a vehicle to tawfiq and a gateway to many more virtuous intentions.
Few works gift such an insight into the multitude of opportunities to realise and harness the latent blessings within the intention.
Habib Muhammad bin 'Alawi Al Aydarus, a descendant of the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) was born in Tarim in 1351 AH/1932 AD. He has studied under many learned Imams and Shuyukh. He has composed over forty books, and leads and participates in many lessons and gatherings of dhikr. He continues to reside and teach in Tarim, as a beacon of knowledge and a pillar of the community.
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