The Burdah of Imam al-Busiri

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Title: The Burdah of Imam al-Busiri
Author: Sharaf al-Din Muhammad ibn Said Busiri / Edited by Naveed Hameed / Translated by Adnaan Raja / Shaykh Mufti Wajid Iqbal
ISBN: 9781999679903
Publisher: Essential Islam UK

Instantly recognised anywhere in the world by its epithet, the Burdah is a timeless tribute to the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, which although penned in the twelfth century, still resonates deeply due to the affinity generated by the authors spiritual journey.

If people only knew about the value of the Qasidah Burdah, they would write it on the pupils of their eyes with gold ink.
The Burdah of Imam al-Busiri has been meticulously composed to aid studying, memorising, and singing of perhaps the single most important poem in the world. Each chapter depicts the ode’s original Arabic form along with the English translation, which is complimented with a concise commentary that explores the ode’s spirit. It is a must have book for those that wish to envisage, experience, and draw inspiration from Imam al-Busiri’s euphoric journey.
the celestial lights that descend by association with the Burdah of Imam al-Busiri: The poem that generated a miracle, which then fashioned a timeless relic.
The poem begins with Imam al-Busiri’s struggle against his ego, as he showcases the hallmarks of true Muhammadan love. Through praising the Prophet ﷺ , narrating events and miracles from the Prophet’s ﷺ life, as well as lauding the majesty of the Holy Qur’an, the ode culminates with Imam al-Busiri’s miraculous rehabilitation, as he petitions the Prophet ﷺ. All of which takes place with the Imam turning back to Allah ﷻ during a reconciliation with his faith, and a noetic realisation about the reality of the world.
The Burdah of Imam al-Busiri features:

Soft Leather Satchel Cover
Diligently handcrafted from the finest leather, our stunning satchel book cover - with debossed titles and emblems - perfectly compliments the augustness of the Burdah. Also includes a leather wrap and strap enclosure, as well as a tassle book mark.

Unique Design and Layout
Harmoniously balancing timeless classical tehzib (ornamentation) and khat (calligraphy), alongside contemporary design and bespoke typography, we struck a deft combination that brings the beauty of the Burdah to life. Reciters are now able to read the Arabic with ease, alongside its English translation without even having to turn the pages - leading to a more seamless and uplifting experience when reciting the Burdah.

Printed on the Finest Paper
Each copy of the Burdah of Imam al-Busiri has been printed on the highest quality vellum uncoated paper, featuring a luxurious gilt-edge finish in gold. The cream-white paper shade minimises glare and strain on the eyes, providing a pleasant level of reading comfort.

English Translation, Commentary, and Thesis
Each chapter of the Burdah appears in its original Arabic form, together with a unique - easy to understand - English translation. This is complimented with a concise commentary which explores and uncovers the poem's nuances and spirit; enabling readers to not only envisage Imam al-Busiri's euphoric journey, but to also experience the poem’s legacy.

Ijaza For All Readers
For the first time ever (in the English speaking world) book keepers - via this publication - are authorisated (ijaza) to read the Burdah from a direct sanad (chain of transmission), which connects the reader with Imam al-Busiri and the poem itself.
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