The Majestic Quran

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This translation is distinctive among the dozens of existent English translations of the Quran because of the fluidity and clarity of its language, the elegance of its style, and the inclusion of more than 800 explanatory notes. The modern standard English makes the message of the Quran easily accessible to today's reader. When curiosity arises about Islam, all roads lead to its Book. People want to read for themselves what the Quran projects: the message it offers, the spirituality it excites, and the world view it establishes. However far removed a given translation may be from the sublimity of the original Arabic text, it behooves Muslims to offer translations that not only represent the Book's message loyally but also connect and resonate with the language and idiom of its readers. The Majestic Quran succeeds on both counts. This volume contains both the Arabic text and English translation of the Quran's meanings designed in an easy-to-follow fashion.
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