The Path to Paradise: Principles of Good Character & Appreciation of the Hereafter

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Title: The Path to Paradise: Principles of Good Character & Appreciation of the Hereafter - Translation of Allah Ta’ala se Sharam Kijiye
Author: Muḥammad Salmān Manṣūrpūrī
ISBN: 978-0954738082
Publisher: Turath Publishing (UK)

IMAM TIRMIDHI narrates that the Prophetﷺ ordered people to ‘Be modest before Allah, as is His due.’ The Prophetﷺ then explained that ‘Modesty before Allah means protecting the head and all that is in it, and protecting the stomach and all that is inside it. Furthermore, you should remember death and decay, for one whose eyes are set on the Hereafter keeps away from worldliness. One who accomplishes all of this is one who is modest before Allah, as is His due.’

The Path to Paradise is an elaborate commentary on the aforementioned hadith. It covers Divine and Prophetic injunctions, as well as scholarly discussions relating to a variety of subjects, such as having pure belief in Allah; the various facets of spiritual purification; how to use the bodily parts in a lawful manner; maintaining honest financial transactions; the rules of good social conduct; and the remembrance of death and rulings connected to it. The treatise ends with a detailed outline of the substantial events heralding the End of Time and the events of the life after death: in the grave and on the Day of Judgement, and a description of the final abodes of Heaven and Hell.

“I have found this work to be beneficial and highly informative, and strongly recommend the study of this book to all prospective couples, and indeed, to all couples.” – Mufti Zubair Bayat, Director: Darul Ihsan centre, Durban, South Africa

“I highly recommend this excellent, thorough book by Mufti Muhammad ibn Adam on an important and sensitive topic that many–if not most–Muslim couples are woefully unaware of.” – Shaykh Faraz Rabbani, Seekers Guidance.

“This guide essentially aimed at Muslims reveals a surprisingly liberal view on sexuality considering many of the rules and etiquettes for matrimonial relationship were established 1400 years ago. Modern psychosexual medicine has been a relatively young member of the field of medicine and echoes much of the Islamic view contained in this book. Muslims will no doubt be surprised by some of the legal rulings regarding intimate relationships between the married couple which has in essence removed many cultural concretions that have distorted the original concepts. This is a thorough and essential guide for scholars, doctors and other practitioners of psychosexual health care as well as couples and answers thoroughly many scenarios pertinent to conjugal relations in the modern day.” – Dr Khalid Ghufoor, Consultant Surgeon


About the Author

Muhammad Salman Mansurpuri is a contemporary Islamic scholar from India, who has taught Hadith and issued fatwas at Jami’ah Qasimiyyah in Moradabad, India, and he has published widely in Urdu. This work is the culmination of more than thirty-five years of formal teaching in the madrasah setting in India and public instruction (both preaching and writing).

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