The Story Bus TOOT TOOT - Hardcover

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Title: The Story Bus TOOT TOOT - Hardcover
Author: Mujgan Sheyhi / Illustrated by Suleyman Ozkonuk
ISBN: 9786050814484
Publisher: Timas Publishing Group (TURKEY)
Ages: 4 - 7 Years

This set of hard cover fairy tales is brightly illustrated and printed in a delightful and solid format, making them cute and attractive for the children who read them. When children read these fairy tales, they will identify themselves with the main characters and become absorbed in the course of events that unfold. Each tale will offer a child’s rich imagination adventure, learning and character building. Though the stories presented to them in this series, children will learn how to react to different matters and how to solve problems. That’’s why presenting moral stories to children is very important! Each tale in this series emphasises virtues such as honesty, kindness, and self-sacrifice using carefully selected characters and an easy-to-read style. Kids will enjoy reading these books as they are fed superior moral standards, manners, and ethics during the character forming stage of their development.

The character traits that a child has when they grow up are shaped to a great degree by the values given to them in the early stages of childhood. With this book, children take their f irst steps into the exciting world of literature with carefully assembled, and beautifully illustrated, high-quality stories and characters that will help their imaginations to ) grow and f lourish.

They will also be introduced to and learn how to express in their own lives values like loyalty, friendship, understanding, patiences and being accepting of differences.


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