True Stories of Islam: Volume 2 - Hardcover

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Title: True Stories of Islam: Volume 2 - Hardcover
Author: Maulana Muhammad Bashir / Translated by Shahid Hussain
ISBN: 978-0957109650
Publisher: Abul Noor Publications (UK)

True Stories of Islam is the authorised translation of Sachhi Hikaayat, a unique corpus of Islamic stories in Urdu now translated into English. The first volume was dedicated to stories relating to the prophets and messengers of Allah. This volume focuses on uplifting stories from the early Muslims; the Ahl-al-Bayt and the four great Imams of jurisprudence in particular. Such stories are of paramount importance for many reasons. The household of Prophet Muhammad have a unique stamp of approval from Allah Almighty, who provided them with a ‘thorough purification (Qur’an, 33;33). The four great Imams lived in the ‘best of generations’ according to the words of Prophet Muhammad.

This collection of nearly one hundred and fifty stories provides rays of guidance for Muslims today, who will Insha Allah derive inspiration from these tales of piety, bravery and sincerity. Written in a simple style, these heart-warming stories will Insha Allah appeal to Muslims of all ages.


True stories of Islam Volume II contains almost 150 stories and continues on the journey looking through the lives and personalties of the first generations of Islam.

Part six
The Ahl al Bayt the family of the Prophet
this includes stories about the Wives of the Prophets, the daughters of the Prophet and Imam al Hasan. The book then gives a detailed account on the life of Imam al Husayn and the Battle of Karbala and the aftermath.

Part Seven
The Four Imams of Fiqh
This includes stories about Imam Abu Hanifa, Imam Malik, Imam As-Shaf’i and Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal.

About the author:
Maulana Abul Noor Muhammad Bashir (1913-2007) was a renowned author orator and poet. Born and raised in Kotli Loharan, Sialkot Pakistan he gained his early education from his father Faqi Aazam Maulana Abu Yusuf Muhammad Sharif. He went on to study at Darul Uloom Jamia Hizbul Ahnaaf Lahore. He returned and began preaching.
In 1951 he started Mah e Taibah a monthly magazine which he edited for over two decades. He penned many books including Sachhi Hikaayat, Jibreel ki Hikaayat, Shaytan ki Hikaayat, to name but a few. His oratory skills were second to none hence why he is affectionately known as Sultanul Wa'izeen.

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