The Bani Alawi Path

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Title: The Bani Alawi Path
Author: Habib 'Abdullah bin Alawi al-Attas / Translated by Rizwana Sayed

ISBN: ‎ 9780956614681
Publisher: Sakina Publishing (UK)

The Bani 'Alawi Path : Principles, Method & Practice : From the 4th Islamic Century, the Husayni ancestral line, the Bani 'Alawi have preserved the spiritual legacy of the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him & grant him peace, till this day. Their intimate knowledge of the Prophet's words and deeds passed down successively through the golden chain; the chain of knowledge transmitted internally through the family, from father to son without external mediation.

Over the years, this exclusive method of transmission brought forth generations of spiritual masters, scholars, Imams, mujtahids and saints of every degree, who inherited the Prophetic light and secret of Imam Ali and Sayyida Fatima, may Allah be pleased with them both. This heritage safeguards the religion from annihilation and it is the means of protection for the Muslim community after the passing away of the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him & grant him peace.

Habib 'Abdallah bin Alawi al-Attas, may Allah have mercy upon his soul, provides a succinct guide to the way of the Bani Alawi masters in his book, which he originally titled: 'Al-Imam al-Nibras fi'l-Tanbih 'ala Manhaj il Sada al-Akyas,' - translated as The Bani Alawi Path; Principles, Method and Practice, - so that it is comprehensible to the English speaking audience. It is a book that illustrates the ethics and conduct of the true form of the Bani Alawi way, which we hope will be a means of preservation.



Table of Contents :

---Translator's Introduction,
---About The Author,

---[1]. The Bani 'Alawi Path is the Qur'an & the Sunna,
---[2]. Their Attention to Calling People to Allah,
---[3]. Their Disapproval of Fame & Prominence,
---[4]. Their Secrecy & Endeavour In Worship,
---[5]. Abstinence from Worldly Things,
---[6]. Modesty & the Embodiment of Excellent Character,
---[7]. Following the Sunna,
---[8]. Purified from Innovations,
---[9]. The Bani 'Alawi Path is the Straightest Path,
---[10]. The Distinction of the People of this Tariqa,
---[11]. The Merits of Imam al-Ghazali's Books,
---[12]. Following the Bani Alawi is Prophetic Guidance,
---[13]. Books that are only Beneficial for the Elite,
---[14]. The 'Alawi Path,
---[15]. The Secret of Not Recording Spiritual States & Experiences,
---[16]. Their is No Difference in the Principles of The Sufi Path,
---[17]. On Encouraging Children to Follow the Path of the People of Certainty,
---[18]. On the Merit of the Ihya of Imam al-Ghazali,
---[19]. On the Miracles of the Saints,
---[20]. Supernatural Acts are not Miracles,
---[21]. Conclusion,
---[22]. Types of Innovation,
---[23]. To Refute the People of Innovation is a Communal Obligation.

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