The Chronicles of Bani Israil: The King, the Queen, and the Hoopoe Bird

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Title: The Chronicles of Bani Israil: The King, the Queen, and the Hoopoe Bird
Author: Dr Osman Umarji / Illustrated by Sama Wareh
ISBN: 978-1733826754
Publisher: Prolance

The hoopoe lives in the blessed land of Sham. He is a soldier in the miraculous army of Prophet Sulaiman. It seems like just another day on patrol as he flies over the distant land of Saba...until he witnesses something peculiar that will change his life forever. Will a great war break out between two powerful civilizations or will peace prevail? Join the hoopoe as he narrates the miraculous events that take place during Prophet Sulaiman's life.
Welcome to the Chronicles of Bani Israil, where the battle for truth and justice never ends.

“Dr. Umarji has combined his creativity, knowledge of the Islamic sciences, and academic acumen to produce a riveting read for young Muslims. This book will develop a love for the Quran, the Prophets, and ultimately Allah in the hearts of our children.”
- Shaykh Omar Husain, Religious Director, MCECC

“This is the first book I have ever come across which presents young Muslims with an adventurous, intellectual, and entertaining story based on the Quran. The author has skillfully preserved the core of the story while using artistic license to spice up the narrative. The need for such a work is long overdue. I anticipate this work to be a bestseller in the English-speaking Muslim community, since almost nothing like it exists.”
- Shaykh Mustafa Umar, President, Cal Islamic University
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